Entry: Habuk seinci tebal.. Monday, February 21, 2011

I love reading other people story but very lazy to write my own.

But today I will try to update it a little bit, khas utk Mawar sbb bertanye heh.

Last night we went for a pizza dinner. Promised Fatin for a pizza after she agree to take her bath (sebenarnye mama pon nak mkn pizza jugak).

Since both of us never tasted the YellowCab pizza, so we decided to try it out last night. Bersiap2 la anak beranak, ayah pakai baju kuning, mama pon baju kuning, fatin pon baju Dora kuning sedondon ber3.

Sampai kedai before 9.00pm. Placed an order, and as stated in the receipt, payment was made at 8.59pm. Tak ramai pon kat kedai dia, a family of 5, satu geng sitting outside at the smoking area, 2 ladies waiting for their take-a-way, so we thought kejap je la dah boleh dpt pizza n mkn. perut dah lapar ni. tapi aduhai, 30 minit baru dpt pizza nye, and we ordered pizza je. Budak delivery dah siap hantar 3 big boxes and came back, kitorang still tak dpt pizza T_T.

Sib baik la when we get ours, sedap jugak la, byk cheese and kurang rasa tomato. Maybe next time when i want to order dominos, should ask for no sauce just cheese :P

And also next time nak order YellowCab ni, order yg besar terus, berbaloi tunggu lama2.


April 6, 2011   07:19 PM PDT
awww posting up for me?? sweet :)
pizza yellow cab eh? kat mana tu tak recall lak
as much as i love pizza, makin byk la lemak2 ni berkumpul tak tershed away ^_^^
March 9, 2011   10:46 AM PST
aritu ada tgk.. sedap kah? nak try jugak lah

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